Biblical Meaning of Number 5: Numbers That Hold Massive Significance

biblical meaning of number 5

Want to know the biblical meaning of the number 5 in detail? Read this article carefully. Spirituality and numerology often coincide with each other. Almost all religions globally have specific numbers that hold massive significance.

The number 5 plays a huge role in the human body (5 senses, 5 toes, 5 fingers). Hence, it is often considered of huge spiritual and religious importance. Those familiar with the Holy Bible also know that apart from other numbers, the digit 5 is particularly important.

Biblical Meaning of Number 5

In the holy book of the Christians, the number 5 holds much significance regarding its biblical and prophetic meanings. In the Holy Bible, the number 5 appears 318 times across the book.

According to the Bible, the number 5 is the number of the Universe and a symbol of the Divine’s will. It is also believed to be a symbol of balance and harmony that should exist in everybody’s life.

Sometimes, the number 5 is linked to human beings’ weakness and impotence. Before we embark on a journey to find the biblical meaning of the number 5, let us first look at how it appears in the Bible.

Number 5 and the Five Mysteries

Among the various human beliefs attributed to the Bible, the world has five big mysteries.

Different names duly represent these five mysteries. First is the father, second is the Son, third is the Holy Spirit, fourth is the Creation, and last is the Redemption.

Number 5 and the Ten Commandments

The number 5’s importance can also be seen in the Ten Commandments of fundamental biblical principles related to ethics and worship. The Ten Commandments can be divided into two: the first five discuss the relationship between man and God and the last five about people’s relations with others. Therefore, the numerical digit 5 represents God’s goodness and grace.

Number 5 as the Grace of God

In the Gospel of John (1:16), there is much emphasis on the holiness of the number 5. We have already mentioned how the number 5 symbolizes God’s grace, but when multiplied by itself, it results in the number 25.

While this may seem like basic math, 25 means grace upon grace in the Bible.

Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Bible, talks about God’s grace in detail. While reading the Bible, you may encounter phrases that repeat themselves five times and are mostly related to God’s grace. Thus, 5 does hold much importance as a symbol of the grace of the Lord.

Number 5 and Jesus Christ

According to the Bible, he had five wounds when Jesus Christ was on the cross. There is also a mention of 5 virgins who are wise and mad in the parable of Jesus Christ.

Number 5 and the Sacred Offerings

God had asked Israel to bring him five kinds of sacred offerings as per the Bible. These sacred offerings were the Burnt Offering, the Sin, the Trespass, the Grain, and the Peace Offering.

In the Burnt Offering, the sacrifice must be entirely burnt on the altar, and man is prohibited from eating any part of such an offering. A burnt offering usually indicates total surrender to God. Even Jesus Christ made this offering by giving himself to God’s complete service while on earth.

Sin offering involves the remittal of all sins committed by men. In the Old Testament, Israel’s children had to make these sacrifices to make amendments for their sins. However, when Jesus Christ came, he atoned for humanity’s sins once and for all on the cross of Calvary.

The third offering is the Trespass, which is offered to appease God for sins committed due to legal or emotional guilt. Grain, the fourth offering, is the only offering made without shedding blood. Lastly, the Peace offering represents communion with God. Here, the men are permitted to consume the meat offered.

Number 5 and Sacred Books

Most holy books in Christianity are either 5 in number or have five chapters. For instance, the Book of Psalms includes five sections. The Pentateuch (Penta meaning five) or God’s Law books are also 5 in number. These are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Book of the Lamentations authored by Jeremiah is divided into five chapters.

Interestingly, the books authored by Apostle John also counted 5 in number. His books mainly spoke about God’s grace and eternal life. Moreover, the Bible has five books only a single chapter. It is also believed that Moses was the author of 5 books.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 5

As the number 5 strongly relates to God, it also has a high spiritual significance. In the Bible, the number 5 holds numerous meanings.

Transformation of Man

Number 5 symbolizes the divine transformation as this number transforms a man from nobody to somebody according to God’s will.

Destruction of Enemies

This symbolic meaning of the number 5 can be seen in the story of David and Goliath. As 5 represents God’s grace, it can help people destroy their enemies.

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What is the spiritual meaning of the number 5?

The number 5 is often associated with the meaning of balance. For example, the balance necessary for the material and spiritual aspects. Furthermore, the number 5 is also a symbol of individualism and freedom.

Is number 5 special?

Number five is significant. For example, in the human body, we find the number five when we think of five fingers on each hand, five toes per foot, five senses five sensory organs. The number 5 also symbolizes curiosity, freedom, and change.

What is the meaning of the lucky number 5?

Usually, lucky number 5 is free, adventurous, and energetic. They are also curious and sometimes contradict themselves. We find dynamism and the ability to excite people among the positive characteristics.


The number 5 stands for balance, God’s grace, independence, and human beings’ impotence.

Depending on your point of life and your physical and mental state, it can mean different things when you see this number. As number 5 brought miracles, victory, and success to the Bible’s characters, it can also bring significant positive changes to your life.

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