What Does the Number 8 Mean in the Bible: a New Beginning

what does the number 8 mean in the bible

What are people with the number 8 destined with? People belonging to number 8 spread positivity amongst others as they are quite optimistic towards life; they hold wealth and power, which gives them a strong personalities. Their willpower is keen to achieve targets and goals. They even have wishes and desires to fulfill. Their continuous determination toward goals makes them successful.

What Does the Number 8 Mean in the Bible

The number 8 appears 73 times in the Bible. It is a very significant number because it represents resurrection and regeneration.

In biblical numerology, the number eight means the new beginning also referred to as “the new creation, the true event,” that is, the rebirth after the resurrection, from death to eternal life.

According to the Old Testament, Jesus was chosen as the Lamb to take away man’s sins. After his crucifixion, his resurrection took place three days and three nights after the burial, that is to say, eight days after he was designated as the sacrificial Lamb of man.

The newborn males were circumcised on the eighth day, which symbolizes the reception of the Holy Spirit.

What Does the Number 8 Mean in Numerology

What are the positive and negative characters linked with the number 8?

Positive Characteristics

People born at number 8 are found to be confident people who know their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses very well. Such people are very hardworking towards their goals and practical in their lives.

They are sure about their future career and ambition and work accordingly. They are highly dependent people who never move back in helping anyone and are always willing to help others.

Anyone can easily rely on those linked with the number 8 because they would never ditch anyone and are trustworthy. Such people are famous because of the wealth they own. They have power and money and use them for a useful purposes always.

They are the future leaders with strong influence; they are mainly businessmen with high esteem.

Their practical approach can help millions of people daily as they have many relations and good terms with many people. Along with being popular in society, they can be very helpful to everyone.

The people holding this number, being leaders, face insecurity because of their richness. They have goals to fulfill but cannot remain satisfied until they work on their security. But once they find themselves in secure surroundings, they will become a successful leader.

It is challenging for them to manage their spiritual life with their real life. It is difficult for them to balance their wealth with their patience in this material and spiritual world.

Negative Characteristics

As we discussed earlier, people with this number are great leaders who work enthusiastically and with determination. Having these qualities may sometimes be a problem for others as 8’s can become possessive sometimes and rigid with their decisions; thus, they do not consider other people’s choices over theirs.

They are unwilling to negotiate or compromise easily because they consider themselves perfect.

According to their above thinking, it can be said they do not care about other people and other’s emotions, so basically such people should be made to learn that they cannot be the only perfect ones; they should learn how essential it listens to others as well is.

They should realize that anyone can make a mistake even if they can someday, so eventually, if they learn these things, it will be fruitful for them to achieve their targets quickly.

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Number 8 in Relationships

People having this number remain scared to open up about their secrets and relationships as they fear that they would break if they got rejected and would not be able to move on in life then, so they don’t get involved with anyone, and do not commit with anyone, means that they are not emotionally stable.

Thus if they are not sure about people’s responses, they do not try to get involved with them.

Number 8s fear expressing their emotions as they fear rejection and hurt. ​Anyone connected with a number eight will need to start any conversations about love or responsibility as number 8s will never reveal themselves emotionally if they are unsure of the response they may receive.

They may experience a line of rejection of relationships and commitments in their life, but that would benefit them in attaining goals as they would learn from that rejection a lot. They are not interested in relationships but more in their ambitions and career.

The youth with this number sometimes get involved in such relationships, but they must give time to making plans and future career goals with their partners for later life. Most of them are happy with their experience and continue achieving their goals with their partners assisting them in their life journey.

People getting into relationships in the future life become more dedicated to their relationships as they give time and cooperate.

They are dedicated to making their relationship successful and wish to settle down with their partners and make it lifelong.

To make it a successful relationship, both partners should cooperate. They should have a sense of compromise, understand each other well and be good listeners. They must accept their partner’s ideas as these qualities would build a strong sense of bonding between both partners, which would keep them one for the long term.

8’s are often people who depend on others; they mostly look for partners who can care for thrum and are loving, caring, sharing, soft-hearted, supporting, and accepting.

And people who look for someone who wants to get guidance in their life, who wants to pursue their career in the future, who needs financial help, and who wants to make more friends will get attracted to people who belong to number 8.


Parents of this category ensure that their children do not face any difficulty in life; they try to provide finance and keep their children in the best state. They provide the best materials, keeping them safe and secure while fulfilling their needs.

They spend plenty of time with their children and do not let them remain isolated; they become best friends of their children, and in return, the children also never show their back while they are in need.


What does the number 8 mean spiritually?

Generally, the number 8 is interpreted as an index of abundance and success in work. Spiritually it also means achieving a great awareness of one’s own abilities, both in the material and spiritual spheres.

Is 8 a lucky number?

No, a numerologist says that the number is not lucky. This means that the eighth day of each month will not be your lucky day. On this day, losses could occur, discredit, and little initiative. Therefore, you should be careful not to do anything significant and start new projects.

Continuing to see the number 8 represents infinity? And in what sense?

The infinity in mathematics is represented by a laid down 8. It can be interpreted as the endless choices we have in life.

What does the number 8 mean in love?

As mentioned before, the number 8 represents infinity, representing the universe, which is infinite. Therefore also endless energy, infinite love, endless time… In other words, eight represents complete abundance without advantages or disadvantages. Therefore, seeing the number 8 in a loving context can mean the infinite love we can feel for someone or that someone can try for us.

What is the number that represents love?

The number 6. It is the symbol of completeness, beauty, and purity of intent. The number 6 represents Venus, the goddess of love! It also symbolizes motherhood because it represents care, love, and protection.


Hence, people holding number 8 have overall mind-blowing qualities in them whether we consider them in spirituality or their parenthood stage, whether in their personality or life path, whether in their career phase or relationships they are overall good with everything having all best things in them.

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