Meaning of 1111 in the Bible: The Enochian Language

meaning of 1111 in the bible

Let’s talk about the meaning of 1111 in the bible. Angels speak to us all the time. Their language is different from ours so a direct and clear message can be transmitted only with the help of numbers.

Do you notice the same numbers around you? Time, page numbers, cars? You may think that this is a coincidence, but it is not.

If you happen to see the number 1111 a bit everywhere around you, if it appears to you in different situations during the day attracting your attention, then this is the right time to talk about the biblical meaning of this number and the related message that the angels they want to send you.

It is worth paying particular attention to them because we all need divine help.

The number 1111 could reveal itself clearly or in a more hidden way, appearing on your watch’s display as 11:11, watching television, or as a house number.

What’s the Meaning of 1111 in the Bible

There is a constant struggle between the forces of Good and Evil. They fight for human souls. It’s very easy to get off the intended, correct path. There we destroy the plan and make mistakes that lead us along with the wrong, not pleasing to God’s path.

To avoid this, the Angels are helping us with all their might. Some signs they caution. Others, on the contrary, praise our choice. Sometimes, such a warning is not enough to understand if everything is right and is going right.

This forms the two sides of the structure. As for the “New Era” movement and the arrival of the Aquarian Age, it is curious that the water carrier is the sign of the 11th zodiac cycle. Often, angels give you a message that combines two or more numbers. Here are the basic values of a combination of four numbers.

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1111 Angel Number: Find Out Why You Keep Seeing It – The Enochian Language

Angels use their language to communicate – Enochian language. The human ear can not distinguish it or hear it. This language was known to people as a written language but was never spoken. His sounds are impossible to hear or pronounce.

John Dee and Edward Kelly lived more than 500 years ago in England. They were researchers and practitioners of the magical sciences, and they systematized all the knowledge of the Enochian language.

They did not invent it, and for a long time, they explored it according to tables and inscriptions on the ruins of ancient temples worldwide. Some say that this language is much older than Sanskrit.

The ancient peoples used it to communicate with the Angels, but it was lost, forgotten for its complexity. It contains 21 letter symbols. He has complicated phonetics. The researchers still tried to pronounce the letters and hear how they sounded. Then, an angel appeared to Edward Kelly, who thanked him for reviving this ancient and powerful language.

He decided to teach Kelly the correct pronunciation but dictated the words and pronounced the sounds backward. Each word carries tremendous power, which is why one cannot pronounce words in Enochian just like that. 

The Angel soon realized that science was too complicated; they would not cope with the first knowledge. So angelic numerology was invented.

This sequence is a sign that there is a portal of unfolding possibilities, and your thoughts manifest themselves physically at record speeds.

1111 looks like a bright light of focus. This means that the Universe has taken a picture of your thoughts and manifests them in the physical.

Are you satisfied with the thoughts that the Universe has captured? Continue to water and nourish them, and they will soon germinate from the ground so that you can see evidence of their manifestation.

In other words, you will not wait five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation will soon be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Continue to maintain positive thoughts, confirm, and continue to visualize.

This is a sign of confirmation that you are doing the right things on the right track and are going in the right direction.

There are stories about how angels appeared to people in different guises. They often do not appear but send us a number as a universal sign. 

​The most important things may lie behind the most common number. If it happens that you often see the number 1111, for example, like the time on the clock, or you are reading a book on page 11 and the date on the calendar marks the day 11, or you have to go to an appointment at 11 am, and the car plate in front of you starts with number 11? It seems that this number persecutes you.

This is true because paying attention and understanding takes time. So there is angelic support. This is not just a number it is crucial for human life in general. It is impossible to convey the message in any other way; Angels can do it only through numbers and combinations.

There is a version that the Angel said to Edward Kelly: Call the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see number 3 around you. Some famous Ascended Masters are Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.

333 also shows that the Ascended Masters agree with your thoughts and feelings and can be interpreted as Cosmic “Yes!” To the questions, you asked or ideas, you may have.

Do not worry because the help of angels is close. This sign from angels also means your disagreement with your thoughts and feelings and can be interpreted as a Cosmic “No!” To the questions you asked or to the ideas that you may have. A significant change in life is near.

You should not see this change as “positive” or “negative” because all changes are a natural part of the flow of life. Perhaps this change answers your prayers, so watch and feel calm.

“We cannot write our messages to you in heaven. You need to pay attention and believe when you see pictures appearing in your life, especially in response to some of the questions or prayers you have formulated. When you hear a repeating song or see a repetition of the same numbers, who do you think is behind this? Your angels, of course!”

When you see that this sign of life changes a thought or event, it has happened. In any case, the angels inform you that the episode in your life has ended, and it is time to move on. Like the famous “Sermon on the Mount”, angels ask you to focus on spirit and ministry and to know that your emotional and material needs will be automatically fulfilled. Congratulations, you’re on your way! Your desire will become a reality because you are doing a good job..

This is an extremely positive sign; you should also expect more miracles.

1111 Meaning In Numerology

Each number has a particular meaning. The message can be correctly deciphered if you know all the numbers’ meanings and combinations.

Angelic kindness is infinite because it is the most powerful way to warn about the dangers and show people a possible way to solve the problem. Pay attention to the numbers around you. You can get relevant advice by buying a car, getting an apartment number, or paying attention to the opened page.

111 and 1111 are among the most interesting numbers. This sequence of numbers may mean that you are completing an emotional, professional, or interconnected phase. It also means that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, this means: the harvest is ripe. Do not wait to lift it and enjoy it. In other words, do not delay your actions or enjoy your work. This message is for lightworkers involved in the rehabilitation of the earth and means “to work because Mother Earth needs you now.”

Besides, this is a sign that the situation has completed the circle. Has it ever happened to you that you repeated numbers everywhere?

Meaning of Number 1

The number 1 has a pleasing meaning because it is the first, except for zero. Zero is neutral. Number 1 only points to the unity of man with God.

Unit means initial success and helps in business and creative work. It will become your beacon, leading to real progress, wealth, and self-realization. Money is not the main thing but an essential part of any process.

All numbers consisting of units or having many units in them will signify that success is near.

It is a reminder: do not hesitate; everything is going well; everything is correct. Angels send a sign to show that a person is on the right path, but it is easy to turn off, so do not do rash, stupid acts.

Some say that every time we see a repeating number, a magical moment arises for the person watching him. At this time, you must make a wish with confidence.

Synchronicity is another important factor in all this, observing repetitive numbers. You can also interpret it as a person synchronized with the Universe.

Being synchronized with the Universe, it also synchronizes and corresponds to the true purpose of its life.

Meaning of Number 111

People often catch themselves seeing 1:11. Who is awake at this hour? Only the one who thinks hard tries to understand and realize something. Man, you are on the right track. That’s what the Angels want to say by sending you this combination.

You stare at the number for a long time, but answering all questions becomes evident and straightforward. Your thoughts are correct.

This is a very useful epiphany, which, like a flash, appears in your head. The man has long waited for someone to praise him, saying that this is the right way. You have a new, incredible opportunity.

If this happens tonight, and even repeats, as the number 111 – be sure that this is a sign. Do not be afraid of him. The fact that you are not alone, the Universe sees you – is very important.

This is the support you need in this challenging period of life. A ticket with the number 111 or an office will be very happy for a student.

This combination tells you you can realize your plan, ideas, and projects. The Universe sees you, feels your thoughts, and is ready to give them real shape. It is considered a very happy sign, which means a quick change for the better.

Therefore, when you see some repeating numbers, ask yourself if, at that moment, you are acting by the real purpose of your life.

If you do, give thanks for this message from God. If you are distracted from your goal, use the signal, and focus your energy on doing things in such a way as to make you aware of your true purpose.

On the other hand, the Angels use numbers because they are neutral and clear and communicate specific explanatory messages. Usually, a message appears when a combination of 3 appears.

People always ask God, the Creator, and the Universe to receive evidence and signals to make decisions, leave behind, move away from a situation or a person, etc.

Usually, asking for these signals, we forget that we must be receptive to receiving them.

Meaning of Number 1111

If the number 1111 looms before you, it is impossible to delay. This may be the time 11:11 or the machine number or any other manifestation.

Instead, you can not hesitate because now is the best time to implement the idea. Today is a thought, but tomorrow you can touch it. That’s an excellent sign for inventors, artists, and writers.

They often wonder if they should show their creations to the world. The longer a person works on something, the more imperfection sees in it. It’s only because they studied your device, the picture, and the poems from all sides.

Angels tell you that it will be a success. It will bring you all that you are waiting for. Your creation will bring happiness. A number is happy if it appears just before the beginning of the creation of anything, even before the wedding, the conception. Everything that passes under this sign will have stunningly happy results for life. Don’t hesitate.

If the number suddenly ceases to appear, then the moment is lost. You did not use it and missed a good opportunity for happiness and success.

But creative people do not have time to be sad; you need to start a new plan. The number will appear again, so do not miss your great opportunities this time.

When laying the house, you can write it on one of the bricks so that everything goes well. In this house, you want to live, create, and enjoy.

The reality is that God always answers our prayers, but what is happening is that we do not still hear and see them. In addition, we must mention that, numerologically, we have a higher affinity with certain numbers. It depends on your date of birth and the numbers on your behalf.


Is 1111 a lucky number?

Some numerologists believe that events related to 1111 appear more often than one would think. This number, they explain, is a sign of synchronicity. Other interpretations attribute the number 1111 as a sign of auspiciousness, while others affirm that this number signals a spiritual presence.

What does 1111 mean twin flame?

Seeing this number is not just a sign of the twin flames but also a sign of universal synchronization. Universal synchronicity must also be understood as “paying attention”.

What does the number 1111 mean spiritually?

The consecutive appearance of a number augments its meaning. Seeing the number 1111 is also intended to reinforce the number 1, representing leadership, positivity, and skill.


The repeated numbers you see may be related to this. Regardless of whether this is the cause, it should be noted that, in my opinion, if it were only this meaning, we would see that the numbers are repeated all the time.

Thus, the synchronicity and aspect of the Divine message should be interpreted; this makes this event special and unique in our lives.

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