Meaning of the Number 17 in the Bible: From Ancient Times Till Now

meaning of the number 17 in the bible

We see angel numbers every day, so it’s not uncommon for you to see the same number appear to you more often. If this is number 17, then you are a lucky person. There are many interesting facts about the meaning of the number 17 in the bible that we will tell you in this article.

Most importantly, we will tell you what this number can mean in the Bible and prophecy. This will help you to understand the symbol of this number from ancient times till now.

Meaning of the Number 17 in the Bible

First of all, we can say that this number is usually used as a symbol of victory, and it means that God has succeeded in overcoming His enemies. It is known that God succeeded in overcoming the sins of human beings when He decided to destroy the earth with a flood.

It was known as the Great Flood, which began on the 17th day of the second month in the Hebrew calendar and was used. It is also known that Noah’s ark and the eight passengers with him rested in the mountains of Ararat on the 17th day of the 7th month.

From the point of view religious calendar, this day was the same as the 17th of Nisan. Nisan was considered the first month of the religious calendar. It was also the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who thus defeated death.

In fact, on the 17th of Nisan, he rose from his grave, and it was the great day of his resurrection. Before that, Jesus was in the tomb for three days and nights. As you can see, the number 17 is everywhere, which means that God chose this date for His resurrection and many other things.

It may be a reminder to you that nothing happens by chance, but everything has a good cause and purpose. Knowing all this, we can also say that the number 17 is a biblical restoration number. In fact, on the 17th, God restored the earth and made it perfect.

There are other biblical facts about the number 17. The book of James contains written material from 17 books of the Old Testament. The book of Psalms mentions 17 enemies of Israel.

We also have to say that Joseph was taken from his father, Jacob, but they reunited 17 years later. It gave Jacob peace and joy, and joy replaced all sorrow. Another interesting fact is that Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave when he was only 17 years old.

Now that you have seen the most places in the Bible at 17 places, it is not difficult to understand what this number could mean prophetically. The Bible also says that the next prophet to come to earth will be Elijah. He will restore everything on the earth, and he will be victorious.

The number 17 that will follow this prophet must be 17 in all the victories. Alia is generally considered to be the prophet of the last time.

Number 17 and Love

Angel number 17 means that the status of your relationship will be very important in your life. As well as falling in love, you will also have feelings of emotional balance.

Being insecure and not revealing yourself will not be part of you because your guardian angel guides you to be open-minded and speak your mind in your relationship. This number is a great sign for your love life.

Success will follow you in your relationship. You will also succeed in all the endeavors you make in the relationship. The moment you see the number 17, you will realize that you are going to the next level with your loved one.

You can decide to get married, or you can decide to have children if you are married. Your guardian angel is supporting your decisions and urges you to take the next step.

Numerology and Number 17

Numbers 17 and 8 are connected in terms of the message presented by the guardian angel. Both partners deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

In context, if your date of birth is the 17th of any month, chances are you will share all the vibrating energies and effects with an individual whose date of birth is the 8th or 26th.

Your guardian angel is showing you number 17 to remind you that you should not give up on your life based on success and determination. You have to trust your angels because they will lead you to show you that some good things are coming this way.

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Dealing with people with 17 is a bit complicated because you don’t know if they are good or bad. That is why there are people in love who give everything or hide ace in the sleeve.

Representing hope, they believe in it very much, and even though they are steadfast, they have to identify priorities in love so that it works and does not separate.

They are very impressive and insistent on their thoughts and feelings, and that is why if everything is clear, they will give everything to make the relationship work.

Despite the many good things, the 17 has its hidden side. As we have said before, it has to do with disruption, tragedy, insanity, and trouble. For most, the seventeen is related to death because, as the main proponent of hope, it has to overcome many obstacles before reaching it, and it has to do with the death of the human ego.

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