Soul Urge Number 9: the Highest Vibrational Energy

soul urge number 9

There are 12 soul urge numbers, including the special master numbers (1122, 33). Still, the soul urge number 9 is special since it has high vibrational energy and is deeply concerned with global consciousness.

The soul urge number is one of the core numbers of numerology. It reveals your heart’s deepest desires and yearnings, including your hopes, dreams, and wishes. That’s why the soul urge number is also known as the heart’s desire number.

The soul urge number is calculated by identifying the vowels in your full birth name (including the middle names) and adding the numerology numbers assigned to each vowel.

The Significance and Core Values of the Soul Urge Number 9

The soul urge number 9 has the highest vibrational energy of all the root numbers in numerology. It represents the highest level of spiritual attainment along with intuition, spiritual wisdom, and global perspective.

People with soul urge number 9 play a significant role in our overly materialistic world since their core values include love, compassion, and selfless devotion to humanitarian service.

They are connected to the global consciousness and are truly motivated to help the world become better. In fact, they don’t discriminate based on race, color, age, religion, or anything else when they want to interact or help anybody.

As such, soul urge number 9 can also be seen as a number of ‘limited rewards’ and ‘self-sacrifice’.

Thus, it would not be wrong to state that people who harbor soul urge number 9 live their life for others and want to usher peace and harmony into this world.

Sometimes, the energy of 9 can become too powerful for their own well-being. In such cases, they can take up projects for the benefit of others even if they are detrimental to them.

Relationships for People With Soul Urge Number 9

Due to their core values and helpful personality, people with soul urge number 9 make great friends who will move heaven and earth to help them during any emergency.

They can also make for a very inspiring and interesting company if their values align with their closed ones.

However, it can be difficult for them to balance their feelings if their loved ones are too focused on their own needs and materialistic possessions.

When it comes to romantic partnerships, soul urge number 9s can feel like ‘the one’ or your ‘soul mate’ because they tend to make their partner special with selfless love.

However, when they become too focused on helping the world at the cost of spending less time with their intimate partners, they can come across as aloof and create unsolvable conflicts.

The best romantic match for soul urge number 9s are people who also value humanitarian and philosophical causes. Otherwise, it can take years for them to open up to their partners fully.

And, anybody else can come across as small-minded to them, which certainly won’t make them a good match.

Career Paths for People With Soul Urge Number 9

There are many suitable career paths you can choose if you have the soul urge number 9. Some of them are listed below.

1. Artists – It is no wonder that soul urge number 9’s tend to be an old soul. Since they are highly sensitive, emotional, creative, compassionate, and intuitive, they can turn their thoughts into creative outlets.

Thus, they can become a master of arts such as sculpting, painting, writing, and more with only a few years of experience.

2. Helping professions – They can become great teachers because their core value revolves around helping others and elevating other people’s consciousness. Some might find it attractive to share their creative and artistic expertise with their magnetic personality.

Others might enjoy working in a noble professional field such as medicine or even become a counselor, therapist, instructor, or psychologist.

3. Peacemaker – They can also thrive well in any work environment that calls for peace and harmony. Thus, they can act as very good negotiators and mediators. Aside from that, they can become good customer service agents too.

4. Social work – Finally, they would enjoy engaging themselves in any social work such as volunteering,  social justice, environmental issues, child advocacy, animal rights, and more.

Challenges Faced by People With Soul Urge Number 9

If you have a soul urge number 9, you tend to see the best in everybody. And, although it can be your greatest strength, it can also become your greatest weakness, especially if you are not old enough. If you are less mature, it can be quite easy to fool you and take advantage of you.

It is important to remember that no matter how hard you work to eliminate suffering from the world, it will always need fixing. Other people in the world are also trying to make the world a better place; you don’t need to bear the burden alone.

However, it is also important to understand that not everybody on earth has noble intentions. Selfish goals drive many, and there is nothing you can do about it.

So, if you find yourself in the vicinity of such people from time to time, it is important to avoid conflict for your own peace.

People with soul urge number 9 experience a strong flow of energy since they are bestowed with the qualities of Mars, which include fire and heat. Such strong energy is hard to handle, and often, soul urge number 9 finds it very difficult to stay idle.

Thus, they tend to have a strong urge to explore the world and travel a lot. And, they need to pay attention to their surroundings to stay safe.

For instance, keen alertness when traveling can help them avoid road accidents and disasters such as floods and storms. They must also learn to keep their cool at all times and control emotional outbursts that can result from malicious provocation.

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As somebody with a soul urge number 9, you should never hesitate to express your personality because no matter what you do, it would benefit humanity as a whole.

However, you should take note not to alienate the people closest to you while on a mission to help the whole world. Remember, you only work best when your personal inner harmony is undisturbed.

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