Signs Your Twin Flame Is Coming

signs your twin flame is coming

Have you already met your twin flame, only to lose them again after a rocky relationship? Is this the case? Then perhaps you are in the separation stage of your twin flame journey. There are many signs to tell you that your twin flame is coming. Read through.

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Is Your Twin Flame Coming Back to You?

When you see the following signs, be aware your twin flame is coming back, so you should expect your twin flame as soon as possible.

You’re happy for no apparent reason

You’ll feel great highs when you’re ready to reunite with your twin flame. The lows will not be as low. It’s one of the first signals that your twin flame is returning. You and your twin flame are growing closer; your soul senses this reunion, and it’s wonderful. Because it can feel the vibrations of its twin, it understands what’s coming your way.

At this moment, nothing significant has occurred in your life. Nothing happened to cause your joy to be so strong. But you’re always enthusiastic, and you might not be able to sleep at night because you’re anticipating tomorrow without knowing why. Consider how much your souls have yearned to see each other to the point that it’s exciting.

You’re probably wondering how your soul knows this. It vibrates on an entirely different level, and it intuitively understands what’s going to happen. So, pay attention to your feelings, and if you’re feeling unusually cheerful, this could be the cause.

You dream of them

They believe we can’t dream about a face we’ve never seen before. This means that, even if you wanted to, you can’t merely make up someone’s face in your head. Whoever you fantasize about has been in your life at some point, even if only as passing by.

Have you experienced any dreams about somebody in the last several months? Did you fantasize about meeting someone new? There could even be a recurring individual in your dreams that emanates the same aura each time. You get a feeling you can trust that person for some reason. You have the impression that you can follow them into the most difficult dreams you’ve ever had.

That individual is most likely your twin flame. This is one of the most telling signals that your twin flame is returning. They’re showing up to get you ready for their arrival. This also means that they are daydreaming about you. Twin flames usually dream of one other, and their dreams are virtually always the same.
This event would undoubtedly help you bond spiritually. Dreams are a no-land, man’s, and they are a means for your subconscious to communicate with you. This time, it’s showing you that something great is coming your way.

You keep seeing the same images and symbols

There are some signals that your twin flame is returning. Those symbols and images will appear regularly and in the most unexpected places. One of the most prominent warning signals is seeing the same numbers all the time. For instance, suppose you observe the numerals 11:11. They’re also known as angel numbers. That is the number of a fresh start. You’ll notice them very frequently, and if you’ve ever wondered why you’re always able to identify them, it’s probably because the universe is sending you these signals.

Your soul is reaching out to its counterpart. Everything around you has created the necessary energy to draw you two closer together at this point. Pairs of animals are another image to keep an eye out for. For example, suppose you see two birds flying together. The best example is seeing two swans in your dreams or real life. You’ll probably see them land in a pond, which indicates that something new is entering your life – something beautiful and serene.
Alternatively, you may see photos of other creatures, but they will always be in pairs. The point is, you probably won’t have to keep an eye out for these items. You’re probably already thinking about the repeated images in your life, and it’s all beginning to make sense.

You are lonely

It is not easy to be in love with someone and not be with them. Twin flames are inextricably linked on a profound level that cannot be compared to anything else in the world. You may begin to feel very lonely during the separation phase. Embrace this sensation because ignoring it will only make it stronger.

Keep in mind that this stage will come to pass, and you will be able to see your twin flame again. Feeling lonely may even motivate you to take action, allowing you to connect with your twin flame sooner than you anticipated.

You adore yourself and feel complete in the absence of your twin flame

One of the most certain signs that your twin flame reunion is near is a sense that you are whole and complete. You no longer pine for your twin or daydream about your upcoming life as one. You’ve concluded that it may never happen, and you’re content with your life.

You also no longer entertain negative notions about yourself, and you regularly access your inner wellspring of self-love. You do not need the approval or love of others to feel worthy or loved.


Even if it is difficult to go through, with all of these signals that you may begin to see, you can be certain that you will be together again soon. Listen to your heart and mend all the scars you’ve left behind. Stay true to yourself, and you can be confident that circumstances will eventually turn in your favor.

Before that happens, make sure you spend your time effectively and process any bottled-up feelings such that when the time comes, it finds you already prepared to accept your love.

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