Seeing 111 During Twin Flame Separation: How to Deal

seeing 111 during twin flame separation

Everybody who is going through a spiritual awakening is seeing the number 111, and that is actually one of the biggest questions, why does everybody see it?

It is not a confirmation of whether it’s a yes or no regarding your decisions. It is more so to confirm that you are on this major path where you are the one who is responsible for every single action you take.

You are a part of this massive creation which is called life.

Seeing 111 During Twin Flame Separation

When you are obviously awakened, you realize that your choices directly affect you and your well-being in your mind.

You have probably seen posts online, and usually, 111 number is described as a good sign as a “yes, it’s the right choice and the right path.” But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you are in a bad relationship and might see the number 111, so is it a confirmation that yes, keep feeding this low-energy?

Think about it. It is definitely telling you to stand up for yourself and be in charge of the present situation. Second, awakened people receive guidance, signs, and intuitive messages that help them choose a better path. We are individuals who are meant to experience life and therefore make decisions for ourselves.

Frequently, we want to rely on someone else’s opinion and advice, but 111 number is calling you to lead your future actions by what is true for you because that is the only way you will ever be able to experience.

When you see the number 111 during twin flame separation, it means that you are in an important stage wherein you will learn some valuable lessons regarding your life. We all know that separation will most likely lead to loneliness.

We are forced to look inside our souls and to think deeply. It will help us realize who we really are right now and what we are meant to be tomorrow.

This separation teaches us an important role of our twin flame in our lives and how it will affect us and make us feel empty inside when we are without them. But you should stay lonely; instead, number 111 is a sign that you should keep your head up.

Keep a positive mindset and optimistic affirmations at this stage in your life. Do not let your mind and yourself be affected and lost in vain. Use this period to realize and evaluate your own mistakes and learn from them. 111 twin flame in separation encourages you to be the best version of yourself and never lose your hope.

How to Deal With Twin Flame Separation

Only the bravest soul signed up for the twin flame mission. If you are experiencing a twin flame separation and keep seeing number 111, as mentioned, it is to remind you that however painful it is, just keep your head up and never lose hope. Always look on to the positive side.

 In dealing with the pain during the separation, first, is you need to surrender to the journey and understand the importance of separation. Understand that this stage of the twin flame journey is essential both for your twin and for your evolution and growth.

It will make both of you come out so much stronger and better and really make sure that there’s an everlasting reunion. It would help if you allowed yourself to grieve the loss and the separation from your twin flame.

Yes, it is important to think positively and have positive affirmations, but before that, you need to feel this grief, let it out, let yourself cry, or else it will get stuck in your body. It can even manifest a disease. But when you acknowledge your pain and make a conscious effort to reflect on it, it loses its power over you; then that’s the time you will be able to let yourself think in a genuinely positive way.

Next, always think that you are always together in higher dimensions. This is your permanent spiritual husband or wife, so it’s literally only in the 3D dense reality where it takes a bit longer to manifest between flames physically. Be patient. Just focus on doing your shadow work and your twin flame will come into your life once again.

You need to meditate as well. Meditation is medication for the soul. You don’t need to meditate for long. 10 minutes is enough. You can include it in your daily routine, especially in the morning. Close your eyes, feel your breath, and listen to guided meditations and visualizations.

You can have plenty of these where you get to visualize and connect with your twin flame and believe it or not, but they can feel that. It could help bring them closer to you faster.

Do not just wait around on the couch, eating Ben and Jerry’s food for your twin flame to come before you start stepping into your mission or purpose. Feeling a sense of purpose will not only ease the pain and make your life so much exciting and purposeful, but it will help bring your twin flame closer to you. It is also important to connect with your angels and spirit guides.

You are never alone. Always remember that. You have a team around you. All twin flames have a big team around them. You all have big missions here on earth, but you have to ask them for help, so if you’re feeling a massive pain and you feel confused and don’t know what to do, ask them for help, ask them for a sign.

They can only help you when you ask because they follow the law of non-intervention.

Practice gratitude. You could also be caught up in the pain of separation that you find it difficult to enjoy anything else in your life. But if you look around you, there’s enough to be grateful for. The sun, the cup of tea, you had this morning nature. Enjoy your Earth journey as twin flames, Starseed, lightworkers. We can get pretty tired when we see all the corruption, greed, and heartbreak.

Identify, acknowledge, and love your pain. Stop resisting the pain itself. Allows you to feel that and stop resisting the idea that inside of you, you can’t live without your twin flame or that you can’t move beyond this journey.

That’s the limitation of a belief system that you are being put to the test to wake this up and take back the power. Often, in this twin flame journey, we tend to go into a place of such unconditional love that we sometimes accept too much. We need to learn how to accept, allow, open, and be vulnerable, but we also need to come into a place of respect.

The key is not the boundary or what people most of the time put a wall up. Those manners here, it’s your intention behind your actions that count. If you keep being triggered by your own twin flame and you think you’re going to block them out of your life, then technically, what you’re doing is you’re creating more separation in your own ability to have your own power because you’re doing it from a place of a wound.

It’s the wound and the trigger of the wound underneath of you that is causing you to feel a sense of rejection that’s causing you to put up this guard of protection, and when you put that guard of protection up and then you make your actions based on that guard of protection.

Video: 111 Angel Number Twin Flame Separation and Reunion


If you can stop resisting the sorrow and you then find love with the sorrow, it’s going to stop. Because again, number 111 is a sign for you to embrace yourself, accept things, and look forward to becoming a better version of yourself.

It will stop with the repetitive cycle, which will also help you stop the obsessiveness because all of that is only coming from your separation of it, creating more of what you don’t want.

Feel it, see it, acknowledge it, love it, and the way you love it is, then you just realize that it’s okay to feel this way. You don’t judge yourself for feeling that way and tell yourself like something’s wrong with you. If we show and express emotions and let ourselves be seen in that vulnerable state is totally fine.

This whole thing is about you waking up to an authentic version of yourself that’s open wrong real and can share how you truly feel without making any apologies for it.

It is important to learn to let go of all the suffering that you’re creating for yourself, though this emotional pain, its subconscious condition that you’ve attached to the need for suffering, for a lesson, for an outcome, or to think that you have to go through all these things to experience something because that’s what your soul signed up for.

So consciously, you need to be aware that this cycle is running whether you realize it or not, and you need to detach from the suffering and the pain.

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