Romantic Compatibility By Birthdate: Astrology and Numerology

romantic compatibility by birthdate

When finding the perfect romantic partner, many people turn to astrology and numerology to gain insight into their compatibility with others. By examining the unique characteristics and traits associated with a person’s birthdate, it is possible to understand their potential for romance and love better.

So without any further due, let’s get started.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the best way to find the birthday love compatibility of two souls.

The art of Numerology plays a significant part when it comes to astrology. It is a way of calculating the exact compatibility number by merely crafting a life path of a couple.

Your life path number is perhaps the most important in your numerological reading.

Your life path number reveals your skills, abilities, and negative aspects you need to improve and the motivation and scope of your life.

How To Calculate Your Life Chart Number

The Life Path is determined by your birth date. First, you have to add the month of the year’s digits.

The fundamental number is a single digit between 1 and 9, with three exceptions for 11, 22, and 33 (Master Numbers).

These numbers have a special meaning and are never reduced to a single number.

Calculating the Life Path Number is easy and requires only a series of additions. For example, if your birthday was:

Example #1

April 21, 1959




4 (April)+3 (Day 21)+6 (1959)=13=1+3=4

Life Path Number: 4

Example #2

April 11, 1959


11=11 (Master Number)


4 (April) +11 (Day 11) +6 (1959)=21=2+1=3

Life Path Number: 3

In summary, a person can have one of the following numbers in the life path:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 22.

Love Compatibility By Birthdate

Discover yours and see what it says about you below.

Life Path Number 1

You two, as a couple, are very passionate and emotion-driven.
You two understand each other in a way a true best friend does when it comes to serious decisions.

You can rely on each other for real advice, and you two know that you have a shoulder to cry on always and forever, but your romantic relationship is very short-lived because, as a couple, you two are very much neutral.

You don’t seek adventures, so you two tend to get bored easily with each other. Couples with a life chart number 1 should spend time living the adventure to make the bond even better when saving their relationship.

Life Path Number 2

Couples like this are better as friends than relationships. You know each other, but when making decisions about life and spirit, your mind doesn’t match. You need to do a lot of talking and understand each other’s personalities regarding dating.

You two are a perfect match at the end of the day, but it will not be fruitful if you two stick on the two poles and don’t come in the middle.

However always, there will be an exception when It comes to love and passion. Often, couples with life chart number 2 get along and live very well.

Life Path Number 3

Astrologists like to define couples like this as magnetic. Because you two are the exact opposite of each other. No, you are not compatible at all. Your other half is either too dominant or too dull for you. Your relationship needs lots of work. However, you are a great team, so you two can always work it out.

Life Path Number 4

Couples like you belong to very neutral and straightforward relationships. You two have a very good bond and love but lack craziness.

You and your better half are like an old marriage: very homely and very trustworthy, but they know each other a little too well, which could create complications.

Life Path Number 5

This is a good relationship, and you are two very compatible people. You have a very good understanding and a deep spiritual knowledge of each other.

However, in a marriage-like lifelong event and promise, there’s not that great feeling you think you have. It would help if you slowed down a bit to avoid inconveniences.

Life Path Number 6

You have the perfect relationship in the room. People say it is a match made in Heaven. You two are very compatible. You fruitfully challenge each other.

This type of relationship helps two partners grow equally. You don’t only do adventurous things, but also there is kindness, and you and your partner will be there for each other for the hardest times; you know that. To keep this harmony, resolve the inevitable disputes immediately.

Life Path Number 7

A fun and chilled relationship is good sometimes, but the other half can feel intimidated if you are too bossy. Being a very chilled-out person it is a very big issue to make a serious and heart-to-heart bond.

A fun, relaxed relationship that you have is sometimes okay.
But if you are too bossy, the other half may feel intimidated.

You two like to experience new things and find solace in each other, but ultimately you need to see the reality of life and decide if you are ready to carry on a serious relationship; otherwise, this will not be lifelong.

Life Path Number 8

Sometimes you two are good; sometimes, you are not. This relationship will find messy obstacles in its way. But this is the natural manner of life, making you two love each other more.

You will find yourself in a place where you ask yourself if it is worth the headache. You have a good relationship that needs just a little work.

Life Path Number 9

A full pact relationship mixed with fun and chilled friendship, spiritual bond, and super intimate lovemaking. You two make quite a team.

Your compatibility is higher than any other number in the list. You will find problematic situations along the way, but you can successfully deal with them.

Life Path Number 11

Relationships with you, 11, can be intense, intimate, and last forever because you are a sincere and faithful lover.

You are passionate; you dedicate yourself entirely to your partner and do everything you can to make them happy.

But as number 11, it is better to choose a partner with a quiet and understanding character because a lively one makes things difficult.

Furthermore, your partner should encourage you to share your feelings, which is sometimes difficult for the number 11.

Life Path Number 22

Even if the relationships between Numbers 22 can be long-lasting and profound.

They are also uncertain but so intriguing!

Loyalty, kindness, and empathy are among the positive qualities of this number. At the same time, number 22s like to have their moments of solitude, which must be considered.

Life Path Number 33

Fundamental values like home, family, and mutual admiration are the strengths of a lasting relationship between numbers 33s. The more time passes, the stronger and more stable the relationship is.

The main obstacle is establishing which of the two is the leader since you both love this role.

However, deciding who has the lead doesn’t matter when you have the same goals.


Finding compatibility through the date of birth is a great way to understand each other and solve the problems that two partners may face. And remember, no relationship is perfect without working on it.

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