Numerology House Number 7: Meaning and Symbolism

numerology house number 7

If you are in the 7th house, or in which the numbers add up to 7 (such as 16-25 34 43, 52, and others), then you live in a place of peace and spirituality. Numerology house number 7 can be described as one philosophical and makes people who live there religious and contemplative.

House number 7 is characterized by tranquil energy, making it a tranquil, peaceful location for those seeking to escape their busy lives. The house could be a positive role model for families, couples, or singles who wish to make a change in their lives. House 7 is a serene sanctuary with zen-like calm, peace, and tranquility. Consequently, retired persons and seniors would love to reside here.

The people who reside in the seven homes will benefit from developing one’s intuition or psychic skills. These houses are ideal for people who wish to work on spiritual development. A stay in this house will help to increase one’s ability to think.

Numerology: Is Number 7 Lucky?

7. The 7 number is thought to be lucky across different cultures throughout the globe. There are many interesting characteristics related to the number 7, making it very popular. For instance, seven days in one week. There are seven continents across the world and seven colors in the rainbow, and Seven Wonders of the World. It is also the most significant prime number between one and 10, which is why it is popular for those who believe in Numerology.

House 7: Who Is the One to Like It?

According to experts in Numerology according to numerology experts, seven is controlled by the moon, and those who live in this area are more likely to find the truth in the world. Anyone looking for a safe place to retreat can seek refuge in these houses. Professionals, such as writers, can concentrate on their writing in this. Anyone recovering from bad relationships or negative energies may get relief from house number 7. This number is an abode of positive energy that can be utilized to heal your mental and physical health.

Numerology Number 7, Who Can Steer Clear of It?

According to numerology experts, number 7 could be a troublesome location for couples. They may grow together or separate, based on their personality, as the house’s atmosphere is transformational. These houses are perfect for meditation spaces. If you plan to open your store in these homes, it will not yield satisfactory results.

Numerology House Number 7: Home Decor

If you reside in House number 7, it is recommended to go for simplicity and ensure that no object or artifact is in the room can attract negative energy. The residents must ensure that it is clear of dirt and cobwebs. Also, ensure that there isn’t any clutter. Don’t keep clocks in the northern part of the house. Additionally, house number 7 may be a struggle for couples. To increase the bond between them, set up a pair of Mandarin ducks with their backs to one another in the bedroom.

You should have an additional reading or meditation space in your home. Keep idols of Buddha and other gods of the spiritual realm within your home. Colors like yellow, orange and purple are the best for homes with number seven numerology experts advise. House number 7, the use of elaborate decor, is a definite no-no. The interiors should be simple. Avoid using excessive shades. A few colors are sufficient, like yellow, orange, or purple.

House Number 7 Numerology Entrance Decor

Natural beauty can be an attraction for positive energy. Plants that are healthy and green can be a signpost to wellness and harmony. Plant a few plants outdoors and inside at the main entrance. This is the best method to create peace in your home. Beware of cacti or plants that are thorny.

House Number 7, Challenges and Safety Measures

  • The homes of these types are susceptible to seepage and dampness. In addition, drainage can be a problem. Owners of homes should check drainage regularly whenever possible.
  • In Numerology, 7 is the hermit energy that helps live the individual and lonely living. This is why the people who live there could feel lonely in these houses. Because the house’s ambiance offers plenty of comforts, it is time to get out to meet others if you do not like being in a room by yourself. Another solution is to place an identifier (any number other than one).
  • Set up a water feature within your house to encourage peace. In the words of Vastu Shastra, having a fountain in your living room is also believed to be lucky. This can eliminate the feeling of being isolated.
  • People who live in houses number 7 should decide to leave and connect with others.
  • Be aware of repairs, particularly if your home has a roof damaged. Careful consideration should be given when you live in house number 16.

House Number 7: What Do You Keep Energy in Balance?

  • Take the time to leave your home and get connected with people.
  • Concentrate on your spiritual growth and your partner to grow close to each other. Try to make it a priority to connect and communicate with the person you love.
  • Do not operate businesses in these places.
  • Maintain a few but deep social connections.
  • Get rid of clutter in your surroundings and the thoughts of your mind.
  • It is essential to put in efforts to awaken your intuition and improve your data-driven thinking.
  • Do your best to keep your feet on the ground.


A few famous personalities who have the character of seven are Billy Graham, Charles Dickens, Sir Isaac Newton, and Oscar Wilde. If your name is similar to 7, you’ll typically have a specific goal. You’ll be able to get the attention and popularity of the public.

However, the way you live with your family may not be the best situation. You’ll feel no joy and could experience various changes in your life. Knowing the Numerology of House Number 7 can help you avoid unfortunate events from happening.

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