Numerology Compatibility by Name and Date of Birth: How to Calculate

numerology compatibility by name and date of birth

Are you interested in knowing your numerology compatibility by name and date of birth with your partner? Are you interested in finding more about what your future holds to offer you and your loved one? Numerology makes it possible to discover the future! This ancient method uses numbers to reveal people’s secrets and their connections.

Do you think that numerology is a good thing? Some people do, some people don’t. However, regardless of whether you believe the concept or not, there’s something to say regarding the compatibility of two individuals by using numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the science of studying numbers. Mathematicians believe that numbers are everywhere around us and that the universe is based on them. Many scientists consider it the basis of our existence. The constant numbers throughout one’s life can reveal a person’s character and determine the future direction. These insights can aid in determining their purpose in this world. The ancient seekers of the world were fascinated by numbers to discover the meaning behind us. The modern concept of numerology is owed to Greek mathematics genius Pythagoras.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Number?

You don’t need to be an expert or genius to figure out your numbers. Numbers that define your course of life are fairly easy to locate. It’s just a matter of knowing the right place to go, which to pick, and how you can connect them. This can be accomplished by using your birth date and name.

Name Compatibility

To determine the percentage that you are compatible with your loved one, you only need to know the first names and last names of both you, as well as your spouse, are needed. Input the data above, and you will quickly see the results that could bring positive changes in your relationship.

When you have figured out the percentage of compatibility between you and read the full details regarding your relationship, in addition to offering both of your fate numbers, AstroSage has also made efforts to offer information on the other important areas of life such as career, zodiac signs that are favorable day, date city, country, and numerous others. So, you can not only determine your compatibility ratio. However, you will also identify how to keep yourself in the same place. AstroSage reports are written by astrologers that will help you improve your relationship with your partner and assist you in avoiding wrong decisions that could be costly. Additionally, you can make use of the Numerology Calculator to look into your future and find out more about the specific challenges and obstacles standing on your path.

By Name

By using your name and only an alphabet chart and the numbers associated with them to determine the expression code, your desired number, as well, and your number.

If you’re wondering how to determine numerology by name, it is best to look at an illustration. The chart you need to follow is based on Pythagoras numeric design. Each alphabet comes with an, i.e., number in the numerology chart.

By Date of Birth

Calculating numerical values based on the birth date is simple. Follow these steps to learn how to determine numerology based on the birth date.

  • Make the number of the year, month, and date separately.
  • Incorporate them.
  • The resultant number of the day will be your birthplace.
  • Then add all the numbers to be the birthplace of the second child.

For instance, If the birth date is July 24, 1986, it would fall under the month of 7, and the day has 2 + 6 =, and the year will be 1+9 + 8 + 6. The total would be 7 + 6 = 191 + 9 = 10… This would be one.


The consistency of numerology according to name and date of birth is important. Through this, we can find our right and perfect life partner. And we can see how happy we are with our spouse. We can calculate this consistency from different websites if I want to calculate this consistency.

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