Angel Number 1144 Meaning and Symbolism

Going back to the oldest times, people believed that the holy angels tried to communicate with them through various ways. Numbers were an easy means of communication, creating a link between people and their guardian angels. So, what is the meaning of the angel number 1144 today?

Numbers and Combinations

Have you ever noticed a particular number or a combination of digits? You keep seeing it often at the mall, walls, streets, or even in church. Well, this could mean that the angles are trying to reach out to you. To grab your attention.

Angel Number 1144

1144 is seen as four digits with great power that can be an important message from the spiritual realms. You cannot ignore these signs when you see them. Here are some facts on how this number is derived;

The four-digit angel number derives its meaning from the energies of 1and 4 practically summed up. They explore leadership skills, positivity, new beginnings, and confidence.

There are different meanings attached to angel number 1144. The digit is composed of 2 numbers, ‘1and 4’, which happen to be placed between each other. Let’s look at them one after the other.

Angel Number 1

‘1’ is usually a unique number. Here, it is a symbol that expresses the uniqueness of one’s personality. It represents phrases that one must pass in life, and you’ll have to end one phase and move to the next one. In summary, angel number I displays two traits of an individual- being ambitious and self-confident.

So, if Angel 1 appears twice, it gives a more vital message. Trying to sum up the four digits double of ‘1’ and double of ‘4’ equals 10 and 1 summing up with Zero equals ‘1’. You’ll see that angel number 1 is part of the subject matter of the incredible angel number 1144.

Angle Number 4

‘4’ indicates effort and handwork. It explains how determined and focused you are in life and the goals you aim to achieve. It tells you to be goal-oriented and life-focused.

Angel Number 11

Number 11 is also known as the master’s number. This is because it tells us more about karma. The number creates a connection between you and the higher aspects of your personality. It also displays your weaknesses.

Angel Number 44

It symbolizes the knowledge and wisdom you need to help you achieve your life goals. 114 indicate patience, courage, and challenging work, while 144 tells you to remain focused. It explains that giving up should not be an option for you!

Angel Number 1144 Meaning and Symbolism

Now, you’ve seen the number ‘1144’ in separations. You can guess what it means as a whole. It is an important message—a unique one.

According to this angel number symbolism, you are in control of your thoughts, and only you should control your actions. You need to be independent and take responsibility for ideas that will drive you towards making your dream come true.

It symbolizes your positive goals. Your angles tell you your goals and the path to take to achieve them. It further explains all the positive and negative changes that are bound to happen in one’s life.

You’ll be able to dictate when a change is bound to occur so you wouldn’t be afraid. Your angles will always be here to direct you if you get stuck on which part to take.

However, the powerful message behind this number is self-confidence. It lets you know that you are the only person you can trust. Please do not listen to people when it comes to living your life. You should always follow your heart and work towards your goals in life.

It’s saying love yourself, and your life will be a lot easier. People around you will love and respect your personality.

Also, angle number 1144 is an encouragement to move forward and keep your dreams alive.

Whenever you are overwhelmed with emotions, and you can’t seem to support your expression of how you feel, your angels will come through and give you advice that you’ll need to listen to.

When You See Angel Number 1144

Do you see this number often? It means your angels are sending you a message. It reminds you of your personality as a living human.

hrough this number, you’ll be able to focus on the positive side of life and overlook the negative. It’s a sign that you should keep up with your spiritual life and your life purposes.

This angel number lets you know you should be proud of your little wins and be happy with yourself. It motivates you and gives you the strength to keep up with the hard work and believe in your capability. It lets you know that it’s time for a new phase of life.

Are you seeing this angel number 1144? It’s simply saying that you’re not alone.

Your guardian angels are always looking out here for you. They are present to guide you through even though you won’t see them, but their presence will always be with you. Always fall back on the positivity of your actions, and the best things will always fall through.

Sometimes your angels can let you live your life alone. This will help you build yourself and take a grip of your problems when it shows up, but whenever you get suck, they’ll always be there to put you in the next direction to follow.


Now you’ve known the meaning of angel number 1144, do not ignore it when you see it.

However, coming across number 1144 doesn’t mean anything special, but if you keep seeing it more often, it is an obvious sign that your angels are trying to reach out to you.

They always know that you only need to open your mind and heart to listen to the message they’ve got for you when you need them.

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